cotton stockinette

cotton stockinette



Cotton stockinette  — 100% cotton yarn Soft, supple, high-elasticity, high quality Stretches up to three times. It is used to prevent the limb or other body parts from hurting by the sharp edge of the thermoplastic splints and casts. Especially for those open trauma. Convenient Use as a removable, washable liner under splints or orthoses. Reduces perspiration buildup under splints. 100 meters / roll, we have 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm in width, which could be used for upper limb, lower limb, neck, chest, waist, etc.


棉质长袜套—100%纯棉纱线 柔软, 亲肤,高弹,高品质,拉伸可达三倍。它用于防止肢体或其他身体部位因热塑性夹板和石膏的锋利边缘而受伤。特别是对于那些开放性创伤。方便用作夹板或矫形器下的可拆卸、可清洗衬垫。减少夹板下的汗液积聚。100 米 / 卷,我们有 6 厘米,8 厘米,10 厘米,12 厘米,15 厘米宽, 可以用于上下肢,脖颈,胸腰等部位。

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