Low-temperature thermoplastic sheet

Low-temperature thermoplastic sheet


产品介绍(低温热塑板)Introduction (low-temperature thermoplastic sheet)



Low-temperature thermoplastic sheet is a new polymer material made of polycaprolactone processed by a series of chemical methods;

  1. 在室温(10-30℃)环境中分子处于稳定状态,在65-70℃水中加热1-3分钟后可软化, 在室温下3-5分钟可固化 ;

Low temperature thermoplastic sheet is in a stable state at room temperature (10-30 °C) , and can be softened after heating in 65-70℃ water for 1-3 minutes; After left water, it could become stiff in 3-5 minutes.

3.具有重量轻、强度高、透气性能好、不怕水、无毒、无味、对皮肤无刺激等优点,具有生  物降解能力。

Low-temperature thermoplastic sheet has the advantages of light-weight, high strength, great waterproofness, breathability and moisture absorption, non-toxic and non-irritating, tasteless, and auto-degradable.

应用范围:(Application)1.骨折、关节脱位复位术后的固定 ;

Used for the fixation of fractures and post-surgery of joint dislocation reduction.2.关节韧带等软组织损伤、神经、肌腱损伤术后固定

Used for the fixation of joint ligaments and other soft tissue, nerves, tendon injury after surgery.3.骨、关节结核、急慢性骨髓炎、化脓性关节炎、原发性骨肿瘤转移等保守治疗期间或病灶清除术后的固定 ;

Used for the fixation of bone, joint, myelitis, purulent arthritis, primary bone tumor metastasis and other conservative treatment period or lesions removal after surgery .

4.关节畸形、神经麻痹、脑瘫、小儿脊柱侧弯矫形及术后固定 ;

Used for the fixation of bone and joint malformation, nerve paralysis, cerebral palsy, pediatric scoliosis orthopaedic brace5.烧伤及其他整形外科手术后的固定 ;

Used for the fixation of post surgery of burns, scald, etc.

6.康复支具、矫形器的制作和应用 ;

Used for the production and application of the rehabilitation brace and orthoses.7.放射治疗过程中的体位摆位及固定 。

Used for the patients’ positioning and fixation during radiation therapy


Prepare the material and tools,examine the waterbath or oven, set the waterbath to 65-70 degree.2.根据不同病情选择合适的板材;

Choose the appropriate thermoplastic sheet according to the user’s status.3.医生选择适当的体位,讲明目的,要求患者配合,测量被固定肢体部位的尺寸,设计图纸,并裁剪板材;

Before the operation, the doctor should guide the user to keep the appropriate position, expain how it works, make a drawing according to the user’s limb, cut the right pre-cut accordingly.4.将裁剪好的板材加热1-3分钟,然后将软化好的材料取出(用水箱软化的需先擦干水分);

Put the pre-cut into hot water for 1-3 minutes, after it become soft, remove it from waterbath and make it dry.


Place the splint sheet on the user’s limb, mould it to the right shape accordingly. The process may take 3-5 minutes. (Beware of excessive water temperature scalding to harm the user ). Turn outwards the hard edges, adjust the splint to the right angle.6.管型固定时可采用两片搭合的方式进行固定;

Two pieces of sheets could be worked together for a tubular splint.7.待板材硬化成型后取下,修改边缘部分;伤口部位可对材料作开窗处理;

Remove the splint from body parts, adjust the splint in an appropriate condition, decorate the edgings with trims. The bone protrusions and joints can be cushioned at the pressure of the lining to avoid crushing


Velcro & Elastic bandages could be used to attach the splint to the body part.


If the first molding fails, it can be put into the water to soften again to make a secondary try. avoid a large extent of pull during molding process.  It is especially used for the immobilization of post surgery after the edema disappears, it needs to be re-shaped.


Set the waterbath to 65-70 degree, after the thermoplastic mask become complete softened, it could be operated.2.材料在加热软化中,不可在未完全软化时取出塑型,以免影响塑型效果;

Materials that have not been completely softened cannot be shaped so as not to affect the effect.


Clean the product with cold neutral soapy water, keep away from heat sources, such as open flames or microwave ovens. If the temperature exceeds 50 ° C, the product will be deformed;4.在人体上佩戴时,禁止用热风枪直接加热塑型。

It is prohibited to be heated with heating gun when the splint is worn on the user’s body part.

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